Show Up For Yourself – A Deep Dive

Your own hero’s journey

In this course you will get to take a deep dive into the book, Show Up For Yourself- A Guide to Inner Awareness and Growth, with the author Janet Philbin. The course is a book club discussion where Janet will take you through each chapter to discuss the important aspects where having a deeper understanding will help you further your own journey of self-discovery and healing. Throughout the video discussions, Janet takes the time to share extra stories from her life experiences which are not included in the book. You get an extra sneak peek into the behind-the-scenes of why she wrote the book and how this book came to be. You will learn to apply the concepts in the book to help you become more mindful and use these techniques effectively in your daily life

Janet shares her story to help you understand yourself better. She gives specific examples and even some how-tos and whys. She has created original content for this course, to give you more avenues to learn and understand the concepts presented in the book.

Own your own copy of the book. You can purchase it here.

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Janet Philbin, LCSW, CHt

Your Instructor

Janet Philbin is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with 29 years of experience. Janet is the author of best-selling book, Show Up For Yourself- A Guide to Inner Growth and Awareness. Janet is a Certified Conscious Parenting Coach Practitioner. Certified by Dr. Shefali Tsabary’s Conscious Parenting Coaching Method Institute. Janet is a Certified Hypnotherapist, Master An-Ra Energy Healer, Certified Intuitive Counselor, and a Hypnosynergistic practitioner.

Show Up for Yourself deep dive is the very first one that I have participated in and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. Janet is a very patient, dedicated and intuitive author and leader of this book deep dive discussion.
I never thought that we can get so much more out of a book from a book discussion class. You have explained a lot more in the classes. You made it more educational and shared more wisdom and insights. It allowed me to learn more from what I already read and have a deeper understanding of the concepts discussed in the book. How cool is that!

Cristina C.

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CHAPTER 1: Conscious Relationship With Self


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