A 4-Week Master Class in Showing Up For Yourself

A Deep Dive into the 4 Components of the Spiral of Healing: Feel, Heal, Love and Grow


This is a self study course which offers a deep dive into the components of the Spiral of Healing. You will spend one week on each component; Feel, Heal, Grow, Love. Each class offers new teachings deepening your understanding of the concepts. Each lesson also ends with a guided healing meditation to work within yourself to heal at the level of the spiral we focused on during the class. As a student you have access to the video and bonus material created only for this Master Class. You are able to download all of the PDF’s enabling you to refer to them at anytime and use them to continue your own healing process.

Course Curriculum


Janet Philbin, LCSW, CHt

Your Instructor

Janet Philbin is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with 29 years of experience. Janet is the author of best-selling book, Show Up For Yourself- A Guide to Inner Growth and Awareness. Janet is a Certified Conscious Parenting Coach Practitioner. Certified by Dr. Shefali Tsabary’s Conscious Parenting Coaching Method Institute. Janet is a Certified Hypnotherapist, Master An-Ra Energy Healer, Certified Intuitive Counselor, and a Hypnosynergistic practitioner.

Janet Philbin’s Masterclass in Showing Up For Yourself is by far the most impactful class I ever took. The units are divided into perfect portions. Janet’s teaching style radiates warmth and love. The kind of love that you’ve been yearning for since the day you were born. And during the course of the class she shows you exactly how to find that within yourself. My favorite part was her meditations! Each one helps you discover what you need to open up, and for days after more and more growth and healing is taking place. I am so grateful to Janet and her kind wisdom! The Spiral Of Healing is life changing!!

Franziska Bernhard

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CHAPTER 1: Conscious Relationship With Self


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