Have the stories of the past ruled your life and made your decisions for long enough?

It’s time to set yourself free by getting to the root of your discomfort in order to deeply know your true self. If you’re willing to do that, this book is exactly what your soul is ready for.

Get a sample chapter from the book

Janet Philbin

Get a sample chapter from the book

Healing is an inside-out job. In Show up for Yourself, licensed clinical social worker and hypnotherapist Janet Philbin combines Eastern philosophy with Western psychology to gently guide you as you give your inner child a voice you can finally hear. You will be able to observe the faulty thoughts, lies, stories, and fears that you’ve held dear for so long. In so doing, you will be placed at the start of a rewarding journey to healing. As a result of that journey, you will be the one with the power.


This thought-provoking and old-story-breaking book will help you discover:

What a trigger really is and how to understand it from a new vantage point.
How you carry and store emotions in your physical body (and how to intentionally and permanently release them).
The Spiral of Healing, and the ways it beautifully allows you to tap into your own ability to heal at a cellular level.

“Through the sharing of her own personal experiences and her unique articulation of the therapeutic process, Janet Philbin takes us on a journey of healing and self-discovery. Janet clearly guides us through the darkness of the hurting child within us, through the dark tunnel and into the light of our own self love and self-acceptance. She does all of this by creating a seamless road map that we can all follow to the destination of our highest and truest selves. Dare to meet your most authentic self with Janet’s powerful guidance!”

Suzi Lula, Spiritual Therapist, Best Selling Author of “The Motherhood Evolution: How Thriving Mothers Raise Thriving Children.”

If you are curious about energy and healing and know you need to do the inner work but don’t know where to begin, then look no further. In Show Up For Yourself, Janet Philbin has put together an extraordinarily, rich tapestry of a book that seamlessly blends all you need to know about energy work, hypnosis, the chakras, and Eastern and Western psychological teachings to help you truly feel, heal, grow and live your most authentic life. These teachings can be complicated and confusing to comprehend, never mind try to put into any form of practice but this book is different. It helps demystify it with ease and with each page turned helps bring about the clarity you have been hungry for. Not only that, it is full of practical and actionable steps and guidance to help the reader reach deep within themselves, do the work and so begin their healing journey. Once I started, I could not put it down, however, on completing know I’ll be revisiting and rereading many times. This book is a definitely keeper for this work is never done and I know it will continue to be a welcome companion to me on my journey.

Louise Clarke, Podcast Host of Parenting in the Thick of it, Author of Parenting The Modern Teen

“Show up for yourself, shares essential tools for harnessing the power of our minds and hearts, to navigate the ocean into self-growth and transformation. Janet shares a path to healing from both her personal experiences and her clinical work. This is a book that will allow you to flow through its pages, breaking down concepts and practices that are accessible to anyone that wants to embark on a journey to awareness of inner wounds and befriend life’s experiences. When life’s challenges start to distract you from yourself, please begin here”.

Msc. Andrea González, Clinical Psychologist, Conscious Parent Coach. Former President of the Guatemalan Psychological Association

Janet Philbin’s story of self-healing and awakening is a fascinating one. She demonstrates through her own experiences how to identify our True Self, by understanding the wounds of our inner child. “Show Up For Yourself” explains how we express those wounds in our everyday life, and covers ways of transforming them into self-love and acceptance. As you follow her journey, you soon realize that she has shown the reader a beautiful path to self-discovery. Through the process of love, understanding, forgiveness and release, she incorporates spirituality, energy work, the unconscious and the Higher Self to create healing at the cellular level. This is a must read for anyone who is looking for insight and direction in creating meaningful change in their life.

William S. Bezmen, Ph.D, PMH, CNS
Founder of HypnoSynergistic & AN RA Energy Healing

To heal emotional wounds, especially ones from childhood, is challenging but incredible journey worth traveling. Janet Philbin shares with her readers not only her own personal experiences but gives wonderful insight and guidance for those who are seeking to heal on many levels. She shines Light on how we deserve happiness and how we can discover the gifts that are within.  Her story describes her freeing herself from the wounds of the past in order to live her most genuine and creative life. This book will open your eyes and your heart to the unlimited potential of your inner mind, while uncovering the beauty of your soul. Thank you, Janet, for writing this book and sharing your insights and experiences with us.


Judith Grant MSN.ANP – Co Founder of Pathways To Health

Janet’s book, Show Up for Yourself, is a magical journey into the heart. This book is a priceless gift for those who have faced challenges, pain, trauma and uncertainty in their lives. As Janet says, “the pain of our past is the pain of our present.” If you want to heal your wounds, ease the burden on your heart, and live your best, most fulfilled and healthy life from this moment forward, you simply MUST get your copy today!

Erin Taylor, MA, Parent Coach, Author, Podcast Host

It was truly an honor to read an advance copy of Janet Philbin’s new book, Show Up For Yourself, A Guide To Inner Growth and Awareness.

Janet has an incredible way of drawing her reader into the “story” with her brilliant writing style. I love how she shares her expertise, wisdom and knowledge through antidotes, education, tools, ideas and her own growth experiences as well as those of her clients. It captivates the reader to want to know and learn more. Throughout her book, Janet offers the reader many opportunities to transform, transcend and dig deeper into anything that might be hiding underneath. She does this so beautifully and effectively. Offering space for journal entries, pausing and meditative moments, Janet creates additional opportunities for her readers to process and grow step by step. Anyone who reads this beautiful work of art will find that there is much healing opportunity within, offered from a place of compassion and kindness that you can feel through each word on the page, encouraging the reader to connect with their truth, their light and their heart. You will truly feel empowered. Thank you, Janet!

Sue DeCaro
Worldwide Coach and Conscious Educator
Helping Entrepreneurs, Parents Individuals and Corporations

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