Why wishful hoping does not work.


Almost 20 years ago I cut a Ziggy cartoon, by Tom Wilson, out of the newspaper.  It is a picture of Ziggy standing in front of a door which is partially open, and it says, “Opportunity only knocks on doors that it knows are already open to it.”  This cartoon has stood by my side for all of these years and it has become a motto I have come to live by and fully embrace.  In fact, if it were not for Ziggy, I would not be writing this blog right now.

Many times, in life we say, “I am waiting for this to happen in order to do that.”  We wait for the right time, money, place, people, opportunities.  This is a very passive way of being.  However, what if what you are waiting for is already waiting for you?

Do you think that if you hope for or wish for something hard enough without putting any action or work into the dream it will just show up?  And when it does not just magically appear you become upset.  Maybe you have thoughts of, “why do I never get what I want? ” You compare yourself to other people and find yourself falling down a rabbit hole of despair.

Hope, in this scenario, is empty because it means non-action, it means you just wait and wish for something, anything, to come along to rescue you.  Hope without the energy of action is wishful hoping.  Wishful hoping is a stuck place.

It is time to move out of the stuck and into the ever flowing and abundant energy of what is here for you.  In the book, The Slight Edge, the author, Jeff Olson, says, “Hoping for the big break-the magic bullet- is not only futile, it’s dangerous, because it keeps you from taking the actions you need to create the results you want.”  We are the ones in the driver’s seat of manifestation.  It is up to us to get the energy moving by taking the action steps for the creation of our dreams.

Imagine you are the one who is able to transverse time and space. Your inner reflection and clarity is what is needed to prepare you for the answers.

It is ok to not know.  To embrace not knowing yet flowing into the unknown with confidence and grace.  Hold onto the trust of yourself and trust in the universe that you will be guided to the exact right destination.  And that destination will be your new being state until you are ready to travel again.  As long as you travel with trust in your heart for yourself you cannot land in the wrong space.

The trust must be placed inward and not on expectation that someone or something outside of yourself will have to change in order for you to change.

We are all energy.  Our bodies are energetic beings.  We emit energy and we attract energy. For some this may be a new idea or something you feel you have heard before and do not believe.  The fact that we are energy has been studied, researched and proven. Can you begin to believe it and allow for its truth in your awareness?

Now, as energy, we emit vibes.  I am sure you have experienced meeting someone new and feeling that you like their energy, in fact, you decide you want to spend more time with them because when you do their “good vibe” rubs off on you and you leave feeling better.  And I am also sure that you have had the opposite experience, where someone’s negative vibe is one you do not want to be around.

Well, that same energy, is what we use and harness to bring to us what we want as we transform in our life.  We want to transform the formless into form.  In order to do this you first must stop passively waiting and wishfully hoping and instead step into actively doing.

We must begin to ask questions of our self.  We must ask:

What is it you want to change, achieve or manifest in your life?

How would your life improve if this were to happen?

Who can I become when I let go of the old and let something new in?

What if I start saying yes, instead of no, to new opportunities?

In order to bring something new in, it sometimes means we must let go of something old.  The old that you hold onto may feel like a security blanket to you, but it has kept you small and stuck and in a place of fear.  It has become a belief which lives inside of you that you cannot be who you are without it.  However, I challenge you to explore, who can I become when I let go of this belief?

That brings me to the fifth question:  What do I need to release in order to grow, create and manifest?

You may be wondering; how do I begin to answer these questions?  My answer to you is to look inside.  In order to look inside we must quiet the mind.

The mind is a very busy, active place.  Thoughts fly through it at lightning speed.  We jump from one thought to the next without even having conscious awareness that we have done so.

The first step is to pause, take a nice deep breath in, and if you want to, place your hand over your heart and take that moment to reconnect to your beating heart and the rhythm of your breath.  Can do that just for a moment right now?

And from this place where you have slowed down let’s go back to the five questions from above.  When we pause, we need to take our time and not race through these questions and answers.  How often do you sit and physically connect to the pulsing of your own energetic being?  I invite you to sit with each question while you are in the pause.  One question at a time and allow the answer to come to you.

1.What is it you want to change, achieve or manifest in your life?

2.How would your life improve if this were to happen?

3.Who can I become when I let go of the old and let something new in?

4.What if I start saying yes, instead of no, to new opportunities?

5.What do I need to release in order to grow, create and manifest?

It is in the space between our thoughts that we access the voice of our soul.  This is the space where we hear the messages that are ours.  In fact, these messages have always been there but most do not sit long enough to hear them.  When you sit and quiet your mind then you are able to hear the messages. This is the knowing of your soul.

We are one and the messages are universal.  They are there for the rising of the vibration for all of us.  It is like a road map of light to enter into the knowing.

Once you have your answers, or even some of the answers, then you can map out a plan or path to begin to take action.  And you can take action from a place of alignment with your truth without the shackles of holding on to an old belief.

By pausing, by tuning in, we raise our vibration.  We invite in a new partner of creativity to be by our side and allow for manifestation of what we are waiting for.   All we want, desire, hope and dream for is already here for us.  It may not show up in the form we were looking for, but it is there.  By expanding your awareness, by raising your vibration, by stepping out of your own way and into the space we create by pausing we make room for what is waiting for us to see it.

Once we see it, we are ready to open the door all the way and step through the threshold. To bring the formless energy into the form of being.  To allow for transformation, growth, healing and manifestation of your dreams.  We must allow our self to embrace our own becoming and in doing so to embrace all of the open doors.  To be the door that is open, to be the opportunity that awaits when we are already open to it, as the wisdom of Ziggy has so wisely teaches.  It may have even been there the whole time but we refused to see it because it did not look how our mind decided it should.

Step out of your own shadow.  Step into your light.  What you are waiting for is already waiting for you.

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