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In today’s episode, I connect with Janet Philbin who discusses her book
Show up for yourself talking about Inner Child, Conscious Parenting, Trauma,  and Grief.

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Permission to Heal Episode #32 – A Conversation with Janet Philbin – Healing & the Mind-Body Connection.

You are a treasure. Searching to know our purpose here on Earth is a very worthy challenge.

Janet Philbin is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Hypnotherapist with a long career helping clients cope and deal with life crises. She helps her clients solve the emotional mysteries that plagued them and kept them “stuck” in their lives. Healing the issues of the inner child is Janet’s expertise and passion. Janet was drawn to working with women struggling with infertility after having to learn to cope with the emotional roller coaster of infertility, herself, for years. Janet continues to specialize in infertility and uses hypnotherapy with her fertility clients to help them cope more successfully with treatment cycles.

Janet is also a Certified Conscious Parenting Coach. She was certified by Dr. Shefali Tsabary’s Conscious Parenting Coaching Method Institute. Janet is a Certified Hypnotherapist, Master An-Ra Energy Healer, Certified Intuitive Counselor, and a Hypnosynergistic practitioner. Janet is also on the wellness team for a local fertility clinic as their hypnotherapist.

Janet’s unique, eclectic style combines her years as a psychotherapist, parent coach, hypnotherapist, and energy healing work in her successful private practice providing psychotherapy and hypnotherapy to her clients in person and worldwide. Her passion is helping people heal from the inside out.

Purposeful Parenting Period! – Emphasizing “Connection Over Correction” with Our Children

Episode Description

Purposeful parent Janet Philbin shares powerful perspectives on disciplining children effectively & emphasizing connection in all aspects of parenting. Janet is a licensed social worker, certified hypnotherapist, certified conscious parenting coach, and published author (Link below). She’s a mother to 3 children.

Janet discusses ideas such as being open to growing as a parent & person, asking a child questions after failure to discover lessons, appreciating honesty from children, emphasizing follow through with children, not reacting off instinct when bad behavior occurs but strategically addressing it, a quote – “kids only lie because they believe they won’t be accepted for who they are if they tell the truth”, recognizing natural occurring consequence such as if food falls on floor then you have to clean it up & not punishing arbitrarily – So a child actually learns effectively, finding root factors for any negative behavior, “connection over correction”, say to child – “tell me about your world”, healing ourselves as parents so we don’t project our pain onto our kids, & making space for our children to fail on their own.

Janet’s parenting mission statement: “Help people break free from those painful stories of their past so they don’t have to keep reenacting them now & in the present”


HGTV: The Best Therapy and Anti-Anxiety Notebooks, According to Mental Health Experts

Looking for a way to relieve some stress? The simple act of journaling can do wonders for your mental health, therapists say.

If you’re looking for ways to let go of stress and find more happiness in your life, look no further. Really, we mean that: Experts say that the best way to find more happiness in life is to examine what you already have, rather than looking and reaching for something else you think would make you happier.

Journaling can be profoundly stress-relieving, and many purpose-built journals and notebooks have popped up in recent years to help provide structured ways to track your mood, feelings, behaviors, gratitude and goals. We dug through what’s out there and asked a few therapists for their favorites, too.

The Anti-Anxiety Notebook

Cognitive behavioral therapists designed this journal to help you identify patterns in your thoughts and use structured exercises to get out of anxiety or stress spirals. Use the writing prompts and tools in this book to record how you’re feeling — and what triggered that response — to help you get back to a calmer space when you’re feeling anxious. Buy It

Show Up for Yourself Journal

$9.99 AMAZON

“Journaling is for you,” says Janet Philbin, a licensed clinical social worker, hypnotherapist and author of Show Up for Yourself. “Journaling allows you a safe space to express what is in your heart and what is on your mind. Having a way to process your feelings allows you the space to heal and grow.” Janet says she recommends her clients write in notebooks with blank pages. “I want my clients to write freely without worrying about staying in the lines,” she says. “A blank page gives you the freedom of expression without the rules that a lined page implies.” She says not to worry too much about how neat you write, or how you write — just as long as you do it. And if it stresses you out to have your raw thoughts lying around, she encourages recycling or responsibly burning your journals when you feel ready. “You can shred it, rip it up or burn it safely in a fireplace or coffee can,” she says. “When you get rid of the pages, thank yourself for showing up for yourself to write and release.” Buy

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CHAPTER 1: Conscious Relationship With Self


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