Offer your staff an effective and easy way to reduce their stress and quickly relax.

Stress in life and in the workplace is real and valid. Stress impacts our ability to function optimally at work and relate with others to the best of our ability.

This 60-minute workshop includes:

  • Quick, easy, and low-tech stress reduction techniques.
  • An understanding of the unconscious mind and how you can harness the power of the unconscious mind to help you stress less on a daily basis.
  • Learn what meditation is.
  • Experience a guided meditation/visualization to reduce stress
  • Understanding how breathing helps to regulate your nervous system to naturally decrease stress.
  • Actionable skills to help reduce stress levels easily and in any situation.
  • Ending the workshop feeling refreshed and ready to resume your work day.
  • Stress reduction techniques were shared with attendees at the end of the workshop too.


Important Details:

  • This is an experiential workshop.
  • The workshop is available in person or over Zoom/Webex/Google Meet or whichever video platform your company uses.
  • Can be offered as a lunch and learn program for your staff or group.


What attendees are saying about this program:

“Great presentation this afternoon. Thank you for your time and all the wonderful tips to help us Bankers get through the day!!! Today’s session really pointed me in a different (positive) direction for the rest of the day.”

“Thank you so much for your presentation today, it was wonderful! I want you to know that I was more relaxed at work today than I have ever been in my entire career. I greatly appreciate that you made that happen!”

“Wonderful presentation, Janet! Thank you so much for helping us relax!”

“This was really good, I felt more relaxed afterward.”

“Fabulous!! Fabulous!! Fabulous!! Thank you for sharing your talented gifts!!”

“Excellent Job Janet, yes it really works and I am going to continue to do this exercise.”

“Great Job Janet, thank you it really worked.”

“That was totally awesome! I am so relaxed.”

“Thank you, Janet! I was definitely relaxed!!”


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CHAPTER 1: Conscious Relationship With Self


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