The Poppy

The Poppy

At the end of my meditation on 3/23/20 I saw an image of a red poppy flower. I did not know why I saw this image. It was just there. When things show up for me in my meditations, I know that is an invitation for me to learn more. I needed to understand what this poppy was all about. I went straight to google. This is what I learned:

-The poppy became an enduring symbol of remembrance for those who lost their lives in WWI.

There are many meanings of the poppy flower. Here are some of the meanings:

-restful sleep and recovery

-consolation for a loss or death in the family

-remembering the fallen of various wars and conflicts

-a lively imagination

-messages delivered in dreams

-resurrection and eternal life

-beauty and success

-extravagance and luxury

We are in the middle of the Coronavirus pandemic at the moment. After reading all these meanings it struck me that I was shown this poppy in meditation for a reason.

I believe the poppy is here to offer us the opportunity to remember we are all one, that we are all connected, and to remember to take care of the Earth. When we take care of the Earth as a global community, we are taking good care of each and every one of us individually.

I want to take a look at those meanings more closely.

We all need rest, sleep and time to recover. There are thousands of people sick all over the globe who need to heal. There are way too many who have died all over the world from this virus and they need to be remembered. Their families need love, kindness, support and compassion.

We are fighting a new world war. All of us, no matter our race, color, country of origin are all in this together. It is a worldwide collective effort to bring healing to humanity.

We all need to be imaginative at this time to come up with new ways to be, to interact with one another, to create and from those creations boost the economy when life gets to hit the “restart” button.

Idea are born out of  our dreams.  I encourage you to listen to your dreams. Messages are coming to you; ideas are coming through. See what you can harness.

There is beauty and success everywhere. Have you been getting outside more? Taking walks? Do you see the beauty of the sky? The sun? The flowers? The kids playing with parents in their yards or on their bicycles? Chalk drawings of rainbows and colored pictures of rainbows hung in windows by children who are teaching us to look at the beauty, look for the silver lining. There is a silver lining.

This is a lesson that extravagance and luxury is not what is needed. Things take us away from our true self. Look around at all the extravagant things you own, if you own them. What kind of meaning do they have now? Are they adding to the emotional, psychological or spiritual value to your life? Are these things really important to keep? Can you scale back, can you resist consumerism and do with less extravagance? As a worldwide culture we have overindulged. What if we began to become more objective and pause before we made that big purchase? What if we just owned less and shared more.

Can we begin to think about the Earth again? Can we begin to think about each other again?

I hope so.

Here is my contribution. After my meditation and seeing the poppy I then asked myself, “why am I being shown this and what am I supposed to do with it?” The message and understanding came the next day. I am to share this message. In today’s day and age what is the best way to share a message? A hashtag and a photo. The #weareallone and #remember is for this time of the coronavirus. We need to come together as one, as one energy, as one collective voice. You are not different from your neighbor or the person of another race who lives on the other side of the Earth, you are the same. We are all the same. We are one. One humanity. We need to remember all who are fighting this illness and those who have died. We also need to remember the front-line workers in health care who are putting their lives on the line each and every day. Please share this post.

What you can do:

Copy and share the poster on all social media.

Help me share this message worldwide. Share the link for the blog on social media.

Share this post. Just like the ribbons we know for cancers. Awareness is key.

Stay inside.

Keep your children home.

Be a part of the solution. Knowledge is the way to make changes.

As one worldwide community we can heal and I believe we will all be in a better place when we do.

With love to all,



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December 25, 2021

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