Growth and self doubt


There is no room for self doubt if there is to be growth.   Doubt slows you down and gets in the way of growing into who you are truly meant to be.  It is the false beliefs about self, based on programming from your life that takes over. First, we must understand what the false self is in order to see how it is influencing us.  In eastern psychology the false self is our Ego. It is the part of us that has been telling us all the things we are not, for example: ”you are not smart enough, athletic enough, creative enough.” “You can never earn enough, or reach your dreams.”

These and many others thoughts like these(we all have different ones) are all the limiting beliefs we have internalized and have come to buy into and own as the truth of who we are. They are the voices of self-doubt that run through our mind daily. We learned these things based on different experiences in life and we bought into them as true.  I am here to tell you these thoughts are not who you are. As Michael Singer says in his book, The Untethered Soul,  “we are not our thoughts.”  This is a very powerful concept to understand and begin to believe and embrace. If you wish to transform out of self doubt and lack based thinking and into abundant, expansive, limitless potential based feelings then you must pull the cover off of self doubt and expose it for what it really is.  Self doubt is a thief of the true essence of the empowered and enlightened self. Do not be fooled or misled into believing the lies of the false self, they can be seductive at times, and seducing you into believing in them is a way to keep you feeling that you are safe, quite the opposite is true.  Believing them keeps you stuck, in place, not growing, not expanding or becoming.

It is time to begin to look inside and find your voice, to find your true self, to get in touch with your essence and call the lies of the false self out, to reprogram them and to heal. As this happens you will find a decrease in anxiety, you will focus better, think clearer, won’t get frazzled as easily and when you do you will be able to come back to center more quickly.  You will be more confident in yourself, your abilities and trust in your potential to create for yourself the life you want. I ask you to flow into it, flow with it, do not fight what is there inside of you. Nurture yourself to make space for that which is ready to break free. It is time for growth and transformation.


If you are inspired by this and are ready to begin your journey, reach out to me. Private sessions are now available. or on my contact page of my website and we can set up some time to connect.  I look forward to connecting and supporting you on your journey.


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December 25, 2021

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