Finding Inner Strength: A Healing Journey with a Renowned Therapist

Step into the realm of Janet Philbin, where 33 years of expertise as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker converge with a passion for healing and empowerment. Through a unique blend of psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, and conscious parenting coaching, Janet guides clients on a journey of inner awareness and growth. With a belief in the innate ability of each individual to heal, Janet’s philosophy centers on the importance of re-parenting the inner child and fostering deep connections with oneself and others. From best-selling author to public speaker and advisor, Janet’s impact resonates globally, offering transformative insights into inner healing and personal development.


Can you tell us about your journey to becoming a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and how it has shaped your approach to psychotherapy and hypnotherapy?

My journey to become a licensed clinical social worker began in college when I was a student in a class called introduction to social welfare. This was my first introduction to social work, and I was immediately intrigued and hooked. I decided to do my Graduate School education at New York University because I wanted a school which was going to be more clinically focused. My drive which has shaped my approach to psychotherapy and hypnotherapy is my inherent belief that all of us can heal if we choose to heal. I also believe that each of us has within us all the resources that we need to be successful in healing, we just need the right therapist, guide, or support to be there by our side as we travel the healing journey. I believe healing is a journey from the inside out.


What inspired you to delve into the world of conscious parenting coaching, and how does it intersect with your background in psychotherapy and hypnotherapy?

In 2017 I was introduced to the book, The Awakened Family by Dr. Shefali. At that time my youngest child was 11 years old, and I was really struggling as a mom with parenting. The Awakened Family spoke to me like no other book on parenting ever had and I immediately began to apply the principles and practices of conscious parenting with my 11-year-old and my teenage children. Within two weeks I began to see a shift with my youngest child, and I realized that my controlling way of being a parent was the problem. I learned through conscious parenting that there is nothing to fix, the child is not broken. The work to heal what is happening within the dynamics of the family begins with the parent. Learning this, feeling this, and experiencing this was transformative for me and I realized I would be able to incorporate conscious parenting principles into the work I was already doing with my psychotherapy and hypnotherapy clients. I was easily able to incorporate conscious parenting concepts into my work because conscious parenting is all about helping the parent heal from the inside out. My work, whether I am working with someone for hypnosis, psychotherapy or coaching a client, is all about helping someone heal from the inside out. I support my clients to gain insight about themselves, understand themselves, and heal the wounded parts in order to transform themselves and the relationships in their present life.


Your book, “Show Up For Yourself- A Guide to Inner Awareness and Growth,” sounds enlightening. What motivated you to write it, and what key insights do you hope readers take away from it?

My book, Show Up For Yourself, was motivated by my desire to reach more people and connect with people who have been searching to find a way to emotionally feel better but didn’t know where to begin or what a process of emotional healing includes or looks like. My book takes readers through my journey of healing and through my journey of healing I share the work I do as a psychotherapist and hypnotherapist to help my clients heal. My book is about self-growth. In my book I share the concept I developed called The Spiral of Healing. The Spiral of Healing has four components feel, heal, love, grow. The spiral is a process of going inward to rise up, and as we are on that spiral, we touch these different levels and layers of feel, heal, grow, and love. Each time we touch a level when we look at a same or similar pain again, we can do so more easily and learn even more about ourselves because we’ve already healed a layer of it. My greatest wish is that it opens windows and doors for people to look inside of themselves and explore their pain in a safe way. What I would love readers to take away from the book is that healing is a journey, it is never too late to begin to heal, and all of us can find the healing we seek when we are willing to be brave enough to look at what has caused us pain.




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April 15, 2024

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