Purposeful Parenting Period! – Emphasizing “Connection Over Correction” with Our Children


Episode Description

Purposeful parent Janet Philbin shares powerful perspectives on disciplining children effectively & emphasizing connection in all aspects of parenting. Janet is a licensed social worker, certified hypnotherapist, certified conscious parenting coach, and published author (Link below). She’s a mother to 3 children.

Janet discusses ideas such as being open to growing as a parent & person, asking a child questions after failure to discover lessons, appreciating honesty from children, emphasizing follow through with children, not reacting off instinct when bad behavior occurs but strategically addressing it, a quote – “kids only lie because they believe they won’t be accepted for who they are if they tell the truth”, recognizing natural occurring consequence such as if food falls on floor then you have to clean it up & not punishing arbitrarily – So a child actually learns effectively, finding root factors for any negative behavior, “connection over correction”, say to child – “tell me about your world”, healing ourselves as parents so we don’t project our pain onto our kids, & making space for our children to fail on their own.

Janet’s parenting mission statement: “Help people break free from those painful stories of their past so they don’t have to keep reenacting them now & in the present”

SOURCE: https://open.spotify.com/episode/1lC46fmM2EvEHSf5Whz8bV 


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January 2, 2022

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