Creating Stillness in a Chaotic World

Do you ever have days in your life where the outside world is chaotic, busy, loud, overwhelming and feel you just want all the noise to stop. Times when you wish you were able to chill out even though the space around you is hyped up or loud. I know this happens for me quite often. At the beginning of the summer I was away on a trip to Nashville to celebrate milestone birthdays with my close friends, as we all had turned 50.  It was during this amazing trip that I learned I was able to be still within myself even if the outside world is loud, overwhelming, over stimulating and even boring.

My first experience was at a show at the Grand Ole Opry.  I wanted to be at the Opry, to have the experience, it was a wonderful night. As we sat at the show there were some acts that did not hold my interest.  People around me were loving it and singing along. I decided I needed to be still and do a little self care, yup, right there in my seat. So I closed my eyes and began to focus on my breath and I began to experience myself, my stillness, and I began to learn I can take care of my needs in the midst of chaos.  I learned that the world can move around me and I can stay safe within myself. I have the ability within me to allow everything else to be around me but not interfere with my inner world and experience of being calm, still and in tune.

I spent about 5-7 minutes there, within myself.   It was enough time for me to come back feeling energized and more interested in the show.  As I watched the rest of the show I also watched myself. I observed my energy and engagement with what was happening around me. I felt expansive and amazing.

A night or two later I found myself at another concert.  This time at the Bridgestone Arena. A major headliner was going to play and I was so excited because I love their music and had not seen them in concert for 20 years.  Well, needless to say, when they arrived on the stage and started to play I was disappointed. I was not enjoying the show and found myself wishing for it to be over quickly.  Once again I decided to go inward and focus on my breath. Now the energy at this concert was more intense, people were louder, the music was louder, the bass was booming. I decided to create a safe place for me, even in a concert like this. I did this by focusing on my breath and extending my energy field around my body.  I imagine my heart is a huge light and imagine the light surrounding my energy field. When I do this I am able to keep myself calm, safe and the outside energy off of me. This space I have just given myself becomes my meditation space within.

When I am in the space within I can tap into the expansive energy around me.   That meditative space within allows me to tap into the creative space of self expression.  I can then hear my higher self and listen to my truth. I know when I am touching my truth because in my truth I am totally calm.  So instead of wanting the concert to end, I wanted to just stay right where I was experiencing inner stillness, being intimately connected to myself.  Again, I learned that it is up to me to create my own safe space, my own peace, my own connection to my heart space, my own inner stillness and calm even in chaos.

We are the ones who must be responsible for our own self-love and self care.  This is the greatest gift you can give yourself. Without this gift we are always seeking that which is outside of us to fill the void, numb the pain, fix what is hurting us emotionally.  The love that you seek is the love that you are. You can not be fulfilled from the outside. There is not outside love that will be greater than the love that you can find for yourself, within yourself.   We have the wisdom within. We must sit. We must quiet the mind. We must listen to the inner knowing and wisdoms which we carry inside already. You can sit to listen to yourself at anytime even in chaos.  These wisdoms were born to us. We just were never taught how to access them.

The space between the breath is expansive.  The space may feel enormous and feel safe at the same time. Your whole body has the ability to feel completely at peace. This was just what I experienced as I meditated at the Grand Ole Opry and at Bridgestone Arena. I had the experience of not wanting to come back from the wonderful place of peace I was in.  I just wanted to stay there and enjoy the floating feeling of space. When I came back I was still able to hold on to the feelings. Give yourself the opportunity to practice being still in the chaos. Close your eyes, focus on your breath, imagine your heart is a spotlight of love and imagine it can surround you.  As it does, allow yourself to be held in the space of love and compassion you create for yourself. As this is the way back home to your true self.

If you are inspired by this and are ready to begin your journey, reach out to me. Private sessions are now available. or on my contact page of my website and we can set up time to connect.  Follow me on Instagram @janet_philbin_lcsw. I look forward to connecting and supporting you on your journey.


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December 25, 2021

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