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Brains Magazine Executive ContributorJanet Philbin helps people break free from the painful stories of their past.

Janet is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Certified Hypnotherapist and Certified Conscious Parenting Coach. Janet helps adults heal from the emotional pain and trauma of their past. She is the owner of Janet Philbin, ACSW a private psychotherapy and hypnotherapy practice. For 21 years Janet has been successfully helping people recover from their emotional wounds and change their lives with the power of transformational healing and hypnotherapy.

She’s the author of, Show Up For Yourself: A Guide to Inner Awareness and Growth. Her book offers readers a framework to heal their emotional wounds and become emotionally whole once again.

After spending 30 years on her own journey to heal her trauma, Janet uses her experiences and what she has learned as a clinician to help others heal their wounds from the inside out. Janet uses her eclectic gifts and skills as a clinical social worker, hypnotherapist, conscious parenting coach, energy healer, and intuitive to assist her clients reach their self-growth goals. Janet’s business has grown from a small, local private practice to a thriving practice with clients around the world.

Her book, Show Up For Yourself, hit Amazon’s best seller status and won as a finalist in the 2020 Readers Favorite book contest. She works closely with Dr. Shefali Tsabary, NY Times best selling author and Oprah’s favorite parenting expert, as an ambassador in her Conscious Parenting Coaching Method Institute.

Janet has been interviewed on Ticker News TV. Her work has been published in and The Elephant Journal. She has been featured on multiple podcasts including, but not limited to: The Parenting in the Thick of it Show, The Healthy Debate Show, Healin Podcast, Powerful Parenting for Today’s Kids and Happier by the Minute.

She teaches and curates workshops and classes about her theory The Spiral of Healing, Hypnosis and the Inner child, Conscious Parenting, teaches parents how to stop yelling and more. She has also been a featured speaker on numerous virtual summits as an expert in Inner Child healing, Hypnotherapy and Conscious Parenting.

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