One of Janet’s specialties is counseling women, men and couples who are struggling with the life crisis of infertility. Through relaxation, visualization and hypnosis Janet has been helping couples successfully manage the crisis of infertility. Janet will work with you to uncover and release any fears and worries. This release will improve the mind-body connection while undergoing fertility treatments. Each client is given a personalized visualization recording to help them through each cycle.

While there is no guarantee of pregnancy, hypnosis will help you cope successfully each cycle.

Janet is a team member of the Wellness Center at Long Island IVF.


Hypnotherapy can help prospective parents let go of limiting thoughts and emotions about conception.


Stressful thoughts register in the hypothalamus gland. Under stress hormone production may become unbalanced. This unbalance can disrupt ovulation and may create fertility issues.

Fertility Hypnosis

Fertility hypnosis works to release any fears or worries and improve the mind-body connection to prepare both for pregnancy.


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 for angels to dance           



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