What we hold onto hold us back.  The story we repeatedly tell our self is the emotional bondage that keeps us trapped.  If you have trapped yourself then it is within your power to release the bond that holds you and find your way to emotional freedom. You have within you all you need to undo what holds you trapped.


I know that sounds simplistic to just find the way to undo it.  Finding the way is one of the most courageous things you can do.  We are afraid to look inside because we fear what we may find. That means you may have to look at your fears, stories, pain, limiting beliefs and self sabotage.  This is a process of brutal honesty and being real. There may be layers to go through and stories to reexamine in order to find the truth. There are many paths to healing.  The path to healing is always there waiting for you when you are ready.


Approaching it may feel a lot like approaching a roller coaster.  You get paralyzed with fear, your feet don’t move, you hate the feeling of being out of control, the feeling of your stomach dropping as the ride takes a plunge.

You are afraid to scream because what if someone hears you or even worse what if they don’t! 

You feel alone, unsupported and in uncharted territory.


What is the story you have told yourself about yourself when you wind up in this space?

Does it go something like this?;


“ I have tucked that part of me away for years,”

“If I feel those feelings then I do everything in my power to avoid them quickly,”

“I have always ignored that part of myself.”


Have you stood here before? Ready to face that ride and then you turn away only to find you have walked in a circle and are still lost, left to face the same fear of healing you keep turning away from.  I know that feeling. It took me a long time and a lot of therapy to get there. You see facing my healing was so scary to me. I built a huge brick wall in front of me and no one, no way, no how was it coming down.  I would stay safe above all else with my feet on the ground. The one problem with keeping that wall up is that with it up I was unable to grow.


You can not block one aspect of yourself from growing and blooming and then expect to grow and bloom in other areas.  Like Brené Brown speaks of, you can not numb only one feeling or part of you. When you numb one part you numb them all.  


We are always faced with a choice.

The choice to get on the ride called healing and move toward growth and self love.  Ride it up, see what you encounter and welcome it. Welcome the pain and because of the pain you can heal. Because the pain lights to way to our healing.  Or, you don’t get on the ride and not much changes.

It is up to you.


Healing is possible!

It is why I became a hypnotherapist, in addition to being a licensed clinical social worker.  I saw the healing power of the deeper mind. I personally experienced healing through hypnotherapy and deep inner work.  When you are ready to heal and ready to let go of the pain that binds you let me know. Send me an email: hypnosisforhope@gmail.com, contact me through my website @ www.JanetPhilbin.com.  Reach out in any way.   

I invite you to follow me on instagram  @janet_philbin_lcsw

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I would be honored to be a part of your healing experience.


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