Conscious Parenting

Helping children one parent at a time.

“How has my inner world and childhood influenced or impacted the way I raise my children?”

If this is a question you ask yourself or when reading this question, it makes you curious to learn more, then conscious parenting may be right for you.

Being a conscious parent is something that is learned over time.  It is learned through the actual experience of being with your child and relating to your child day in and day out.

A conscious parent is aware of everyday moments, that seem ordinary, and uses these moments to create connections with their child.  It is about the parent learning, through awareness, to alter their behaviors, responses and reactions to their child.  As we become a conscious parent we get in touch with our own inner experience and use what is happening inside of us as a measure of how connected we are to ourselves and then our children.

We want to make a change within ourselves. We do not want our own inner child to be the one having the power struggle/argument, etc. with our child who is standing in front of us.

Conscious parenting is about being the parent your child needs you to be not being the parent you think they need.  That is a big distinction.  This is a huge shift in parenting when we can fully embrace this idea.

It is a change of perspective.  Instead of looking at your child and thinking about what they are doing wrong, we instead ask, “what does my child need from me in this moment to help them in this situation?”


“You must know your own heart before you can know another’s”

~ Janet Philbin

Conscious Parenting

A 4-Week Workshop

CPMCP Certified Coach
Conscious parenting is a beautiful way to help all of us, parents or not, to recognize what is pushing our “buttons” and learn to respond in a healthier way for ourselves and those we love.

In this workshop, you will learn about the many aspects of Conscious Parenting.


what is/isn’t the difference between traditional and conscious parenting.


how to affect change and improve your child’s behavior.


how mindfulness fits in.


how to speak to your child that facilitate connection vs. disconnection.


how to recognize and unlearn the parenting behaviors that are not serving you or your child.


how to recognize and let go of your deeply ingrained parenting patterns.


how fear fits in.


how to be more mindful and attuned to your child’s needs.

As we become conscious parents some questions arise:


Can we allow them to exist without being tied to our expectations?


Can we accept our children in their present state in each moment?


Can we get our heart and mind in alignment in this process?


Can we accept the kind of parent we need to be for our child?


Can we be the parent they need us to be?

These are some of the challenges of being a conscious parent. All of them are achievable with insight and the willingness to learn. So instead of fixing what we see as faults in our children, conscious parents work on themselves, healing themselves, becoming more present and aware.

Dr. Shefali and Janet Philbin

Dr. Shefali and Janet Philbin at Evolve Conference

This course is based on the work of Dr. Shefali Tsabary. Participants will leave with actionable information and a new perspective on the hardest job they’ll ever love.


Franziska Bernhard

Dr. Shefali

NYT Bestselling Author
With Janet’s many years of clinical experience and expertise as a hypnotherapist she understands how the deeper mind works and how unresolved, unhealed childhood conflicts impact us in our adult lives. These unresolved issues will and do directly affect the way we parent and we probably don’t even realize the degree as to which this happens. You can become your own conscious parent through hypnosis. Allowing yourself to re-parent and connect with the injured child inside of you. Thus, enabling you to connect fully and beautifully with your own children.
Vanessa Pizarro


Conscious Parenting Workshop Attendee
Conscious parenting made me realize the importance of accepting my children for who they are, where they are in their personal development and accepting myself. I have become more mindful and aware of my reactions, motivations and desired outcomes when interacting with my children, helping me become more present in their lives. Thank you Janet for a informative, hands on practical approach to interacting lovingly and compassionately with those I love.

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CHAPTER 1: Conscious Relationship With Self


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