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And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was greater than the risk it took to blossom.

~ Anaïs Nin

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4-Week Master Class in Showing Up For Yourself

A Deep Dive into The Spiral of Healing. This self-study class is an experience in healing as each week you travel through and experience the components of The Spiral of Healing- Feel, Heal, Grow, Love.

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Show Up For Yourself — A Deep Dive

You will take a deep dive into Janet’s book, Show Up For Yourself- A Guide to Inner Awareness and Growth. Janet will take you through each chapter to discuss the important aspects and gain a deeper understanding which will help you further your own journey of self-discovery and healing.


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CHAPTER 1: Conscious Relationship With Self

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Franziska Bernhard

Franziska Bernhard

Yoga Instructor
Janet Philbin’s Masterclass in Showing Up For Yourself is by far the most impactful class I ever took. The units are divided into perfect portions. Janet’s teaching style radiates warmth and love. The kind of love that you’ve been yearning for since the day you were born. And during the course of the class she shows you exactly how to find that within yourself.
Vanessa Pizarro

Vanessa Pizarro


This experience was amazing, because I was able to express myself with you and listen to others as well. There were moments when I had doubts about understanding the healing processes and that was addressed in a very respectful way. I really put into practice and continue to do so, because it makes me feel comfortable to understand my inner child/teenager.
Harriette Rovner

Harriette Rovner


I love this book!! This is such a crazy time to be living through & it is easy to lose focus on what matters most. What I have learned from this book is to become aware of what triggers me & where it originates from; most likely a younger part of myself that never had a chance to heal or that I was even aware of. Bravo Janet for taking the time to share your wisdom with us.

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CHAPTER 1: Conscious Relationship With Self


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